Arrma: Granite Monster Truck RTR - Blue

Arrma: Granite Monster Truck RTR


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Arrma: Granite Monster Truck RTR - Blue Arrma: Granite Monster Truck RTR - Green Arrma: Granite Monster Truck RTR - Red
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GRANITE Brushed RTR 2.4GHz

The ‘Granite’ is a big mean car-crushing monster machine. This RC monster truck comes factory assembled, Ready-To-Run, is 1/10 scale, 2WD electric powered four-wheel FUN!

The high-tower truck body sits on top of a twin vertical plate (TVP) and composite moulded chassis, which looks as cool as it is tough. The monster sized ‘dBoots’ ‘Copperhead’ tires give awesome levels of grip for all-terrain monster madness. The MEGA 15T motor powers the Granite over and though other RC cars.

With out-of-the-box speeds in excess of 30 MPH, this amazing RC monster truck will make you the envy of all of your friends. Green is not the only color of envy though, because the Granite is available in Blue or Red. The ‘Granite’ from ARRMA; bully your way past the competition.

  • The 15T brushed MEGA motor, combined with a standard 7.2V NiMh 6-cell battery pack will give your ARRMA GRANITE 30+MPH of furious speed. With faster (optional) motors and even more powerful (optional) batteries, your ARRMA GRANITE will burn-up the street, parking lot, backyard or racetrack. 30+MPH is just the beginning...
  • The ARRMA ATX300 transmitter is the only transmitter in the world that can be left- or right-handed without the need to disassemble the unit. ARRMA is all about fun and sharing. With the ATX300 you can pass your transmitter onto anyone and with a simple button press, they can change the angle of the steerwheel for maximum comfort and driving feel.
  • The tiny ARX300 receiver will bind seamlessly with your ATX300 transmitter. If you want to, you can bind up to six different ARX300 receivers to each ATX300 transmitter.
  • The ARRMA MEGA ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) and MEGA 15T brushed electric motor will let you run your ARRMA GRANITE in all sorts of weather conditions. The waterproofed ESC means that even if it rains (or snows), you can keep on having fun.
  • 'dBoots' are fast, consistent and give awesome grip, just where you need it. Each dBoots tire has been specially designed to give maximum traction and control. The specially developed rubber compound means that the tire wear is low, so you will have plenty of drive time before you need to re-dBoot your ARRMA GRANITE!
  • Four oil-filled, coil-over sprung shock absorbers will keep your ARRMA GRANITE under-control and super-smooth. Taking and landing jumps will be easy as the fully independent suspension soaks-up each bump and ramp. Changing the oil thickness with optional oils and using optional springs will allow you to fine-tune your ARRMA GRANITE to any surface.
  • If 30+MPH isn't fast enough for you, then some of today's brushless motor and ESC systems will give you maximum power. Combine these optional systems with optional LiPo batteries, and your ARRMA GRANITE could reach awesome speeds. With metal gear transmission, the ARRMA GRANITE has been designed to handle the output of these brushless/LiPo power systems.
  • Beautiful and strong. That is what our designers were asked to do when they designed the ARRMA GRANITE bodyshell. Polycarbonate is the material of choice for 1/10 scale off-road cars because it is strong yet lightweight. Each ARRMA GRANITE comes with a factory-painted bodyshell. With several colors to choose from, your ARRMA GRANITE will be the best looking RC ride around.
  • Like some of the pro-spec RC racing cars, your ARRMA GRANITE comes with an oil-filled metal geared differential as standard. Being metal-geared, your ARRMA GRANITE differential will cope with the fastest (optional) power systems. Super-smooth and consistent performance is another reason why a geared differential is part of your ARRMA GRANITE design.
  • A slipper clutch is important to ensure you get just the right amount of power to the wheels; too much power and your ARRMA GRANITE will wheel spin or wheelie, too little power and your ARRMA GRANITE will be slow off the line. With the precision slipper clutch you can fine-tune your ARRMA GRANITE for perfect off-the-line performance.
  • The ARRMA GRANITE comes with a twin vertical plate (TVP) chassis design, as standard. Unlike some other RTR cars, the ARRMA GRANITE uses high-grade materials to make it perform, and look, amazing. The ARRMA GRANITE also uses an aluminum front bulkhead skid plate to offer protection from the toughest conditions.
  • The ARRMA GRANITE has been designed to allow the batteries to be changed without removing the polycarbonate bodyshell. This makes changing the battery quick and easy; there is no need to remove awkward body snap-pins. Just slide out the battery door pin, open the battery door and replace the battery. It's that simple! The ARRMA GRANITE has been designed by people who know about, and love, RC.
  • With your ARRMA receiver safely shielded in the purpose-designed splash-proof receiver box, you can enjoy your ARRMA GRANITE whatever the weather. Combined with the MEGA waterproof ESC and MEGA 15T motor, you and your friends can keep on enjoying your ARRMA GRANITE when the going gets tough and wet!
  • High-grade materials have been used throughout the ARRMA GRANITE, and the drivetrain is no exception. Tough steel driveshafts and output shafts, combined with the steel gears in the gearbox, mean that the ARRMA GRANITE can cope with vicious power AND will keep going, and going, and going...
  • Super tough hex hardware has been used throughout the ARRMA GRANITE. Industry standard in the best RC models, you will need fewer tools, meaning maintenance and upgrade jobs will be easy and quick.
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