AquaCraft: UL-1 Superior Red - RTR

AquaCraft: UL-1 Superior RTR


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The racing RTR with all the extras — and no equals!
UL-1 Superior 65+ mph!There's never been a LiPo-ready hydro with brushless power and 2.4GHz technology — until now. The UL-1 Superior has been designed in the U.S.A. to deliver today's best in cutting-edge control, brushless performance and competition-quality features!

  • Features high-performance GrimRacer hardware and an optimized-for-brushless hull design developed by Mike "Grimracer" Zaborowski!
  • Includes a brushless marine motor and ESC custom-designed to meet UL-1 performance requirements.
  • Drive system uses a standard 0.150" flex drive and 3/16" prop shaft to provide race-quality response and reliability.
  • Ideal for IMPBA and NAMBA FE Sport Hydroplane Class events.
  1. The UL-1 is modeled after full-size UL (Unlimited Light) hydroplanes. There are replica exhaust pipes on both sides of the upper deck... and rearview mirrors and a painted windshield on the enclosed canopy!
  2. Brushless design makes the 6-pole, 36-56-2030kV motor virtually maintenance-free, extremely efficient and best of all, fast. It's factory-installed for ease, and comes with 4 mm gold-plated bullet motor connectors. A custom water cooling jacket turns performance-robbing heat into cool-running perfection.
  3. Like the motor, the custom-made aluminum ESC is water-cooled, waterproof, installed and LiPo-compatible. Driver aids include a "stutter" warning when the battery voltage hits 12V... and an automatic motor cut-off at 11.6V. Genuine Deans® Ultra Plug® connectors provide unmatched efficiency.
  4. The nose canopy slides over a tab on the hull and snaps in place with the power of magnets! Radio box tape creates a waterproof seal that holds the hatch firmly in place.
  5. The molded-in center tub section is the perfect radio/motor box: spacious, waterproof and easy to clean. However, its depth and shape also help it brace the hull against distortion — and lower the CG for more stable running!
  6. The aluminum strut is CNC-machined, black-anodized and adjustable, so you can change prop depth and angle to match water conditions. The drive system combines a strong 0.150" flex cable with a standard 3/16" prop shaft.
  7. GrimRacer hardware is built to take punishment in stride and coax the last bit of performance from every boat. All aluminum parts are CNC-machined and black-anodized for top performance and lasting good looks.
  8. The 2 mm aluminum hydro turn fin features a tapered leading edge that cuts more cleanly, reducing drag and improving efficiency. Like the strut, it adjusts for top performance.
  9. "Breakaway" fins look like they're molded as part of the hull, but detach under stress to prevent damage to the hull. They attach simply with two-sided tape and float so they're easy to locate and retrieve.

Hull Length: 27.0 in (685 mm)
Beam: 14.25 in (360 mm)
Weight: 4.9 lb (2.21 kg)
Requires: (2) 7.4V, 3200mAh 20C LiPo battery packs & (4) "AA" batteries

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